2 Undervalued NFT Projects that are going to explode: Project 1

I have been continuously preaching about NFTs for quite some time. In recent days we have seen an upsurge in interest for NFTs. The scope of NFTs has diversified with Tory Lanez selling 3 unreleased MP3s as NFTs, Twitter CEO. Jack Dorsey selling is Tweeter’s first Tweet as NFT collectibles for the cause of Bitcoin and African charity. Today, Beeple sold an NFT for $69 M!

In this Two-Part series, I will talk about 2 under-the-radar NFT projects which have excellent value and are ready to explode in the near future:

1. Portion:

This is a platform which is selling original artworks of Marvel and DC artists as NFTs. In certain cases, you get the original artwork too! How cool is that!

What is Portion?

The portion is the decentralized premier online marketplace of digital art. It uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to ensure that trades happen with full transparency in an escrow-based model. Original sellers retain 100% of sales, royalties are provided on secondary sales.

The portion is a digital art marketplace with 2 major differentiators.

1. It bridges physical art with digital art via NFTs. Users will be able to manage physical and digital collectibles in one place.

2. It has a decentralized curating system and positions itself as a premium art platform.


The portion has been in the digital art scenario since 2016. They launched an online virtual gallery and auction house in 2018. In the meantime, they also started developing version 2 of the platform which has launched recently. Version 2 focused on backend codes and creating functionalities. Version 3 of the platform will launch on March 31st. This version will mainly focus on the beautification of the platform. There was never an ICO, however, Portion recently did an airdrop of PRT tokens to randomly selected crypto art collectors. NFT creators are also paid with 500 PRT tokens currently.

All Version 1 artwork was ERC-20 tokens. This is no more a standard practice considering high gas fees. As a result, Version 1 artworks are now moved to ERC-1155 standards.

Portion Token (PRT)

Portion Tokens are created on ERC-20 standard. They have multiple utilities some of which include

• Decentralized governance

• Decentralized Curation

• Liquidity Mining

• Bid and purchase art

• Royalty payments etc

The Max Supply was 2.5 Bn tokens. However, the project will burn 1Bn tokens (PRT in address 0x095bA6460A3D34c81AEf22aEF46923102a469029). As per Coingecko, the current circulating supply is around 0.1 Bn. The non-circulating tokens will be released at a rate of 0.2Bn per year. These tokens will be released for liquidity mining, partnerships, artist grants, reputation points, and future business development costs. The project also airdropped 20 Mn tokens to NFT collectors.

Portion USP

Now coming to the most important part, why is Portion a Hidden gem! Check out the Tweet Below

All of them are original Marvel artists! Approximately 25 unique Marvel pieces are planned to drop on the Portion.io platform. Some of these NFTs also come with an original physical copy (hand-drawn work). The first wave of artists is Dan Panosian, Matteo Scalera, Dave Johnson, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, and Eric Canete.

This Marvel drop is a result of Portion’s partnership with Essential Sequential. With this, Portion focuses to merge iconic physical art and digital modes. The partnership with Essential Sequential is flourishing. The art drop on March 4th saw over $100,000 in sales. Dave Johnson’s Batman was sold for 20 ETH within minutes!

The portion also has some cool developments lined up in its pipeline. These include:

• Launch of Virtual Galleries with global partners

• New exhibits every 4–6 weeks

• Introduce Digital collectibles from other platforms

• Strategic partnerships with key brands

The portion will also launch a Summer 21’ physical gallery show in New York City (provided favorable worldwide conditions). The team previously had a gallery in Manhattan which was unfortunately closed due to COVID.

Hope this article will inspire you to research this hidden gem. Would love to hear your views on the platform. In the next part of this series, I will cover Project 2.

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