How to Play The SandBox Alpha Season 3

The Sandbox is one of the most popular blockchain-based Metaverse. It is also one of the most advanced in terms of development. So, The Sandbox has previously launched 2 Alpha events to give players an early experience and also to test their product.

  • Land Owner — 180 SAND
  • Avatar Owner — 60 SAND
  • NFT Collector — 30 SAND
  • Leaderboard — UP TO 30,000 SAND
  • #1–30,000 SAND
  • #2 to #10–5,000 SAND
  • #11 to #200–1,500 SAND
  • #201 to #1000–750 SAND
  • #1001 to #5000–60 SAND
  • Enter: To start a General Chat
  • E: To interact with an entity. You will find the instructions to press E as soon as you get near any such entity
  • Spacebar: To jump
  • N: To get the list of your NFTs and select them
  • H: To go to Hub
  • O: For settings



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