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Terra Virtua is considered the next generation product in the NFT space. Till now people were using png, jpg files and trying to sell them as NFTs. Terra Virtua wanted to be the collectors’ pride, exclusive and beautiful, all in Virtual reality. It is the world’s first immersive digital collectible platform!

The platform has some amazing licensed digital collectibles from the top movie studios in the world, namely Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. Their own collection called “vFlect” collectibles looks amazing. People can share, showcase, and trade such collectibles on the platform.



Terra Virtua collectibles are curated. The project carefully selects the creators to maintain the standard of the platform. Among the various collections, the below are the most famous.

• Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising collectibles are available in 2D, 2DA, and 3D. Both Jaegers and Kaijus are available.

• The Top Gun Collection

Top Gun digital collectibles are available as 2D and 2D animated posters, along with 3D models of the helmets of the best pilots in the Top Gun Program.


The marketplace is live and all the popular NFTs are currently being traded. Previously we have seen vFlect Common NFTs be sold as low as $3. All of those have been purchased. The minimum value of vFlect which is available now is $9.

Art Gallery

Terra Virtua Digital Art Gallery is currently a Desktop Software that can be downloaded and used to explore stunning visual works by top artists. Currently, the arts are created exclusively for the Terra Virtua Connoisseur Collection in the 3D Virtual Gallery.


People owning collectibles can set up their own auctions. You can set up and wait for bids. You can also bid directly on other people’s art. Note that you need a minimum of $1 in your account to start the bidding process.


The Terra Virtua desktop app gives you your personalized Fancave and also a Terra Dome to view and interact with your collectibles. Fancave is your own personal room where you can invite your friends and enjoy a timeout, discussing collectibles and watching videos.

Terra App

The mobile app is still basic. All your VR Models are automatically synced in the app. You can display them with your real environment in the background. Also, you can take pictures with them.

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Token

Terra Virtua’s native token is called Kolect (TVK). The token will bring in lots of use cases, a few mentioned below.

Prestige Club

TVK holders (Tiered) will get access to the exclusive Terra Virtua Prestige club. Staking TVK for Prestige Club will bring in benefits like

• Discounts on new releases

• Early access to new releases

• Invitations to exclusive preview events

• Special features for FanCave and TerraDome

• Access to unique collectibles not available to everyone else

• Invitations to exclusive virtual events

• Monthly drops of FREE exciting NFTs and TVK


Terra Virtua will develop gamification layers. Holders of TVK will be able to participate in quests, competitions, win leaderboards, earn badges, etc. The more one involves with the platforms the more reward he gets in the form of TVK and NFTs. Holders will also be able to participate in the governance of curated galleries and spaces.


Terra Virtua will power your branding by enabling you to craft your own digital collectibles and fan tokens using the Terra Forma tools. The toolset will enable you to create amazing 2D, animated, or even 3D NFTs.


Holders will also be able to use TVK for farming exclusive, tradeable NFTs not available anywhere else.


Terra Virtua has some amazing partnerships.

Paramount Pictures: The Godfather and Top Gun collectibles

Legendary Entertainment: The Netflix hit TV series, Lost in Space collectibles.


In October, fundraised just over $2.5M. The event was 5X oversubscribed. The project hosted an exhibition of work by renowned comic-book artist, Nick Percival. It was a huge success. The TVK token was launched in the Bitmax exchange. Bitmax allows you to earn TVK rewards by staking.

Terra Virtua plans to begin mainstream marketing in 2021. It also has plans to bring in more licensed products from renowned brands. These brands include all genres of entertainment including Movies, TV, Sports, Games, Music, and Art, etc. I wish the project all the best.

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