Usage Guide of the Math Wallet — Part II

Math Wallet is a secure and powerful wallet that supports more than 65 blockchains. This article explains the wallet’s features, including cross-chain transfers.

Math Account

From the Math Account feature of the Math Wallet, you can set the following details:


User can set/see the following things using the Account tab:

  • Email address
  • Profile photo
  • Phone number
  • Math address
  • Identity Verifications

Submit and verify your identity by giving an identity proof document (passport, driving license).

  • Payment Password

Change/recover your payment password.

  • Google Verification

Set up 2FA for your wallet. Go To the Google Authenticator application and enter the Google verification code shown in the Math Wallet application.

  • Login Record

Check your application login details here.

  • Logout

Log out from the application.


Math Wallet supports cross-chain exchange. The cross-chain exchange is a trading process based on the cross-chain protocol of the SWFT Blockchain that allows the users to exchange tokens across multiple blockchains without having to rely on centralized exchanges.

Currently, the Ethereum wallet only supports transfers to the Solana blockchain.


Math Wallet allows you to access numerous dApps from the application. These dApps are categorized into various sections — namely exchange, NFT, Defi, CeFi, etc.


The News tab exposes you to the recent tweets, news, and tutorials which you can read and share.


The Me tab lets you do the following things:

  1. Math Account

We have already discussed the various features that you can set up from this option in our previous article.

  1. Portfolio

The Portfolio tab shows the percentage distribution of your tokens in the wallet. It also displays the percentage growth/loss of the user’s assets in a selected period (1 day, 1 week, or 1 month).

You can also join the portfolio growth ranking group that shows the ranks of different users’ portfolios depending upon their growth amount.

  1. Address Book

Using Address Book, you can save the wallet address along with the supported blockchain in your list for a quick fund transfer.

  1. Invite

You can invite your friends or family members to install the Math Wallet application by giving the referral link.

  1. Setting

Users can do the following activities using the Setting tab:

  • Security Lock

Enable this option to automatically lock the application if you leave the app for more than 1 minute.

  • Language

Math wallet supports 13 languages. Choose your desired one.

  • Currency

Math wallet supports 3 currencies:

  • Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • South Korean Won (KRW)

Choose your desired one.

  • Transaction Notifications

Turn it on to receive transaction notifications.

  • Hardware
  • Node Setting

You can check the node details of different blockchains supported by the wallet. We recommend not to change the default setting without knowledge as a little mistake could make you unable to receive or transfer funds.

  • Advanced Setting

Delete your device cache memory from the advanced setting option.

Switch Account

Math Wallet supports multiple blockchains. If you have more than one blockchain wallet, the Math Wallet can help you in accessing them all using only one interface. As you can see from the below snapshot, you can configure your wallets under a different blockchain and can switch from one to another whenever required. You can even create/import multiple wallets from the same blockchain.

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Math Wallet is a powerful wallet. No other wallet supports so many blockchains. You can even access your multiple wallets from different blockchains using a single interface. The wallet is mainly suited for experienced crypto users who need to access and use multiple blockchains. They would find it worthy as it allows you to manage and access through a single wallet rather than keeping separate wallet applications for different projects or chains.

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